Ironic Warriors refers to many things.

2016 - A group founded by mainly by Joseph Kumpati, in association with Hans and Thomas Wilson. (Da Ironic Warriors)

2016 through 2017 - An exclusive LARP game made by Joseph Kumpati featuring two main chapters, Storyline and Mighty School. The latter was adapted into Borderline by Hans, as he worried about legal issues with Disney XD, as the title of Mighty School was a parody of Disney XD's Mighty Med. (The Ironic Warriors)

2017 - A book series by Joseph Kumpati. (Da Ironic Warriors)

2017 - A trading card game made by Hans, but never released. (The Ironic Warriors Union: Trading Card Game)

2018 - A group founded by George Zhao and adapted into an extension of Kumpati's group by Hans (Da Ironic Warriors: Oak Chapter)

2018/2019 - An upcoming web series written and directed by Hans, based heavily off of Joseph Kumpati's books. (The Ironic Warriors)

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