Legion of Legends is an upcoming book series written by Vee Kay Aech and Lucy Deaton.

Books Edit

  • Forgotten
  • The Last Thing You See
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Plot Edit

Forgotten Edit

A violent Vijay is accidentally mindwiped by Lucy and shot off to The Land of No Time. He must find his way out, but with a fire giant, a pack of wolves, another Masterline, a traitor, and an old friend, will he be able to?

Meanwhile, Lucy has been locked up, ready for her powers to be drained. Can Vijay save her in time?

The Last Thing You See Edit

Vijay has his memory back and Lucy's free, but now, they're trapped inside of a labyrinth with an arena, hellbounders, changelings, and the mysterious Man of Shadows. Can they bust themselves out before a new foe dominates the planet?

3, 4, 5 Edit


Discontinuities Edit

  • Ronan calls himself, "the wisest man alive". However, Avery Fay is the Mistress of Thought and Wisdom. This statement implies that Avery had died in between Borderline and Legion of Legends. This is impossible, as Avery drank the nectar of immortality and chose an incredibly wise spot to keep her weak spot. The only possible explanation was that she gave up her MasterAbilities.
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