See Red, or The Electric Shadows' VANISHED! is a short film (abt. 8 minutes) about the scientist, Rhett Hue, and two Space Cadets, Rainbow Sky and Violet Night.

It was originally made for a Destination Imagination project.

Plot Edit

The original script was severely lacking in backstory, so Vijay Hans (the original actor for Rhett Hue) decided to fill in the gaps.

Before the Film Edit

Rhett Hue was the lead scientist at Space Academy (SA). The doctor of physics and colorology Rhett Hue became super-intelligent. It seemed as if he was going to take over SA, but the insecure commander, Indra Laghari, became worried. He didn't want to lose his position; the salary was really high. Indra gave Rhett a star cruiser and told him that Rhett needed to run an experiment on the possible uses of rust by going to Mars.

Rhett was ecstatic and jumped at the opportunity. He took his trusted assistant, Rose Flores de Colores, and landed at the private Mars colony, Xalor. Little did he know that Indra had put a tracking chip in his ship and a detonator in his fuel tank. As soon as Rhett and Rose got off, Indra activated the detonator. To the scientists, it looked simply like a spark in the tank.

Later, Rhett learned of Indra's intentions. He was furious and vowed revenge. He began creating the De-Rainbow-Inator to show Indra what would happen if he messed with Rhett Hue.

Space Academy also learned about what Indra did. He was banished to the Venus colony of Magnifica, where he worked as a field agent for the rest of his life. Blue Day, the father of Violet Night, took over Space Academy. At this point, however, everyone had forgotten about Rhett and all records of him were annihilated, so Blue made absolutely no effort to bring Rhett back.

Film Edit

A color gypsy notices the actions of Rhett and watches, interested. Rhett has finished the De-Rainbow-Inator and now, almost purely driven by curiosity, decided to eradicate the color red.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original script for Red Experiment, Rhett is called "Ret".
  • Rhett's production name was Red.
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