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The Ironic Warriors is an upcoming web series made by Vijay Hans and based off of Joseph Kumpati's books.

Casting Edit

In casting, Vijay had a severe lack of actors and had to subtract several roles. The roles were:

  • Lucas
  • Hayden
  • Joel
  • Nate

When asked about it, Vijay said:

"Well, taking out Joel was really easy for me. It was harder to take out some of the others, but my tiny role in the book always frustrated me. Lucas and Hayden both had small roles, so I just made most of their lines my lines. But Nate was a major character. Therefore, I split up the lines between most of the Ironic Warriors. What? The producers are paying me in Doritos."

Difference from Books Edit

As previously stated, Joseph Kumpati's book is not yet released. Vijay only has knowledge about because he's an editor.

Unlike the books, the show will have a prologue, explaining the Masterline and the characters.

Also, because of the extremely slow production of the book, the show will eventually veer off from Kumpati's original plot.

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